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Our Service Users Say

'I was paired with an experienced mentor who, over a few weeks, helped me to re-identify myself, my professional needs and goals, and set the right priorities to help me develop and progress in my profession.''



''I benefited from the training. I better understand the peculiarities of the use of prepositions, adjectives and articles. I would recommend these English lessons.''


''i will recommend these lessons with pleasure. I definitely will. Thank you for the opportunity. I want to continue.''


''In my opinion, the quality of these English classes is better then a university course. I am ver satisified with the information i received at LINKnet.''
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'I got my first job through LINKnet where I was linked with a mentor who put me through with some likely interview questions, and sincerely, this really helped me to register successes in all my interviews which led to my Employment.''


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